Family Ministry

Family Ministry Mission Statement:

The mission of the Family Ministry is to support the mission of the church (Matthew 28:19-20) by reaching out to families and family members inside and outside of the church congregation. This outreach includes preaching, praying, teaching, training, mentoring, counseling, modeling, witnessing, and sharing the good news of the gospel and persuading family members and families to grow in the knowledge and¬†grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Family ministry seeks to restore family members to wholeness, to intimacy with the Lord and to unity with each other so that each family is a reflection of God’s family for all the world to see. Family Ministry believes that strong families yield strong churches, strong communities and strong nations.

Ministries under the Family Ministry include:

Family Ministry

Couples Ministry

Singles Ministry

Senior Adult Ministry

Young Adult Bible Study

Christian Fitness Express

Zumba Class